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Coppermine Thumbnails in Wordpress Posts?

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  • Coppermine Thumbnails in Wordpress Posts?

    Hey, I was wondering if there's a plugin or a "trick" you can recommend to insert Coppermine thumbnails into Wordpress posts (???)

    So far I've done it by simply copying the urls, but maybe some of you have a better method.
    ~ Gaspard Ulliel Daily ~

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    I've been using the plugin "CoppermineSC" and you can add your pics, albums or whatever with a shortcode


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    Is there another way to do this. I would like to add updates to my site. I can't find this plugin. Help would be greatly appreciated.


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      This is the plugin page for coppermine SC, it is the only plugin that currently works with coppermine that I know of. Otherwise the best method is manually adding them using the "copy image location" of thumbnails in the gallery then adding them to your post as media with url.
      CoppermineSC is a WordPress plugin that can include images from Coppermine Photo Gallery in WordPress posts or templates. I wrote CoppermineSC based on a script by Lennart Groetzbach that was adapted as a plugin and enhanced by Matthias Jell. The latest version of CoppermineSC is 0.4.6 What's new in 0.4.6? Key Features: Support for links…


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        I tried that website. When clicking on the link to download the plugin it says page not found. Thanks for the other method. I will give it a try. Just thought that there was an easier way.

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      Here is a link to the plugin. All you have to do is edit the file to have your database/login info then rename it .php and upload to your plugins folder.


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        Thank you very much ido. I appreciate your help.