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I Edit My Theme but The Changes Don't Appear

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  • I Edit My Theme but The Changes Don't Appear

    A bit of time ago I deleted a theme on wordpress that I had previously edited. Now when I upload the same theme but without my own changes it appears the SAME as it was when I had it edited. In other words, the server 'remembers' how it looked and won't let me see the actual new php. I tried refreshing and clearing my browser's cache but that doesn't seem to solve the problem. I tried to open the site on a different computer but the same thing happens. So it's not the browser's fault. What can I do to fix this??


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    Not real sure why it would do that. But how are you uploading the theme. Through FTP or through the Wordpress theme feature. Also how did you delete it. If you used the Wordpress theme upload and delete. You may need to go into ftp and delete the theme there then re upload.


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      I've tried that too, nothing happened


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        This is so weird. Do you have the problem with other themes as well?

        Maybe it's possible to rename your theme file and upload it again? (I'm not sure if this could use errors, but since you can always change it back, it might be worth a try...)
        ~ Gaspard Ulliel Daily ~


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          Just tried that, but it didn't work ugh..

          I had to deal with this problem quite a lot in the past but back then it was always enough to clear my browsing cache. I don't get it why clearing isn't enough to solve the problem now


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            I just realized that I have the same problem, lol. I use Google Chrome as my default browser and just made some small font changes, but it refuses to show them... while it works fine with Firefox. Firefox shows every change I make instantly.

            I also have a Coppermine gallery (via Sosugary) and whenever I changed the header there it often took several days until I could see the new header with my browser. So maybe try to check if you can see your changes when you switch to another browser. If so, you'll probably just have to stay patient for a while...
            ~ Gaspard Ulliel Daily ~


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              Changing the browser doesn't help either.. I've tried viewing the site in Google Chrome, Firefox, even Internet Explorer!, but the design stays the same... I tried to research this online and I found something called 'Server-side Caching'
              The article says:
              "Be aware that some web hosting services use caching plugins on the backend without letting the user know explicitly. You may be able to turn this off via your webhost's configuration panel. To be sure, you can ask a support member for your webhost if any caching plugins are used, and request that they be turned off if needed. This situation may also occur if you are using a Managed WordPress hosting plan. Many Managed WordPress hosting plans use server-side caching. If you are using a Managed WordPress service from your hosting provider and you are seeing this issue, you may want to see if they have an option to manually flush the cache. In many cases, your changes will immediately show up after flushing the cache. If you are using a caching HTTP reverse proxy such as Varnish on your web server, edits to your files may not appear right away. Edits may become visible after some length of time when the cached version expires. You many need to tune your caching system in order to eliminate this issue."


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                Oh okay, in this case I think you should definitely write an e-mail to FFH.