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Am I able to move userpics?

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  • Am I able to move userpics?

    I previously only knew how to upload photos to my gallery through using the 'upload file' section/userpics, but I recently learned how to do it via batch add files, so I'm wondering if there's anyway I'm able to move my files from userpics into different albums to keep it more organised without having to reupload everything to my gallery? I have less than 2,000 pictures uploaded so far, so I don't mind moving them if there's a way to do it, but I just tried and failed miserably because the directory was still the same on coppermine and it just assumed the files were missing so I had to readd the files to my gallery afterwards. Is there any way I can move the pictures but still keep them in my gallery? Thanks

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    When you move your files you also have to rename the location of your files in phpmyadmin or else it will not update in the gallery. Login into that and select the gallery from the list then click on pictures. At the top of that page you'll see SQL once you click on that add the following. You can do this for more than one album at time just click enter after each line and paste the SQL query again.

    Make sure to change where it says your database name to the name of your gallery database, the location of folder to where you moved your album to for example appearances/year/event/. As well as the album id aid. This is the number the appears at the end of an album link. Once you've done this it will update the albums to the new location. Hope this helps.

    UPDATE `your database name`.`cpg_pictures` SET `filepath` = 'location of folder' WHERE `cpg_pictures`.`aid` =1;


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      Theres a plugin but can't remember what its called, filemove or something like that?