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  • website help!!

    Is there anyone who can help me? Moved my site from a paid host to here, and now need to update username and such for the site to work, but for me wordpress is hard to use! so I am lost!

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    Can you give a bit more details?
    Is the domain still the same?
    If it is, you just should need to update your wp-config.php - access it by ftp and open it with a text editor, then edit username and database name and maybe password inside.
    Same for the of Coppermine (in the includes folder I think, I myself never used coppermine)

    Did you move through cPanel? Then the passwords might still be the same, but if not, you can set them through cPanel -> databases -> mysql databases -> scroll down to Current Users. There are also the detailed names of your database and mysql users listed.

    If you used affiliationally, you need to edit the path of your include codes.


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      so sorry forgot about this thread! got help from hots, it was the sub domain that was the problem. Thank you for wanting to help!