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  • Sidebar pics problem

    I'm gonna try to explain my problem. When I am in the home page of my sites the sidebar pics are visible, but if I go on a different page they don't show up as they should, it just appear the icons of a "broken pic". I don't know if you understand me.
    Since this is happening with all of my sites I think it's something wrong with some codes, I don't know. It never happened before. I don't know if you need to know this: the pics have been uploaded in wordpress' media and not on other supporting sites.
    Since it doesn't let me post photos here (Upload failed. You have exceeded your usergroup's upload quota ) you can find a pic of how it looks from the home page here and one from other pages here
    Do you have an idea on how to fix it?

    UPDATE: I've fixed it! Thank you anyway!
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