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Displaying Coppermine Thumbnails in Wordpress Post

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  • Displaying Coppermine Thumbnails in Wordpress Post

    G'day all! Hoping someone can help me with something I've been tinkering with for a few days and can't quite figure out.

    I'm looking to display coppermine thumbnails in a Wordpress post - similar to how most fansites would do when sharing updates. My question is - what plugin/script is everyone using and is there kind of a standardized template that's being used?

    Ideally I'd like a 1 row of 4 thumbnails, with a "Gallery Link" below them. Any help would be really appreciated!

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    CPMfetch is what you need.
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      Originally posted by ido View Post
      CPMfetch is what you need.
      Thanks! This is what I've been playing with. However I've been having trouble getting it to display in a way that's appealing. Using the default code, I get 4 thumbnails side-by-side with no spacing and can't figure out where to play with the formatting and have it included the gallery link. Any info you can share would be great!


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        Anyone? I've been testing the codes all day with no luck and can't find any information online that's simple enough to decipher. My end goal looks like this

        [image] [image] [image] [image]

        Category \ Subcategory \ Album Name


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          This should be able to help you -
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            Originally posted by GemKni View Post
            Been through that more times than I care to admin. I've got the thumbnails and css somewhat sorted out, but still stuck on how to get cpmfetch to list the category/album name below.


            • GemKni
              GemKni commented
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              I don't believe it can do that, as far as I am aware.

              Do you have an example of something you have seen?

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            Originally posted by ido View Post
            CPMfetch is what you need.
            How do I install this?