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Problem with coppermine gallery

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  • Problem with coppermine gallery

    Hello. Yesterday I changed the design of my site and today I wanted to move 'userpic' pictures to 'albums' via FileMove...So, I noticed that coppermine cut off a part of my design or maybe gallery, I don't know.. and I cannot move 'userpic' pictures as they don't appear on the page, only 2 table with the pictures appear.
    I thought it was a design issue and I uploaded FileMove to another site that has the same design and everything is fine there, all 4 tables are shown, that's mean all pictures... So I understood that this is a problem with coppermine and I would like to know is there any way to fix it? I really want to move these pictures but I can't because of that problem
    I have the latest version of coppermine.

    First screenshot is from the site with coppermine problem and the second one it's from another site with the same design but everything works fine there.
    I hope someone can help me. Thanks!
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    It's due to the file name lengths. The first one needs more space to show you the filename so it only has 2 columns. It looks like it should work the same...


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      Is it possible to increase this space?


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        Also I got problem with the same gallery but now with the pictures. People started to tell me that they can't see full size image. Images not showing up.. only shows file name. I tried different browsers and for me it's forking fine (from the computer) but I tried from my mobile phone and image is not showing. People say that they also sometimes had this issue on the computer.
        Thumbnails and the normal size shows normal.. the problem is only in the full size... Why is this happening and how can I fix it? Thank you

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