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Coppermine not changing theme

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  • Coppermine not changing theme

    I've made a new theme for my website, but the coppermine isn't changing themes when i try to in settings. Tried in diffrent browers and tried to change to one of the originals themes of coppermine but both the setting page doesn't seem to do anything when trying to save the new setttings.

    I'm currently running coppermine 1.6.06.

    Does anyone know whats wrong or what i can do to fix this?

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    I've already tried to repair the databases of mysql and upgraded againt to see is thats the prolem. It apperears as if the saving new setting button doen't work


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      I've solved the problem, appereantly another setting was have an invalid field wich prevented me from saving the new theme setting.

      If you have the same problem:

      View your gallery with the curve theme.
      On the config screen, use "expand all" to see all of the settings before trying to save. This way, an invalid field preventing the save may properly be shown to you.