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  • Fansite Adoptions Wish List!

    Are you looking for a premium domain name to adopt to create a fansite and we don't have it on our adoption page? Well then this is the place to request that we find and purchase a premium domain name to add to our adoption list for the celebrity you crave to make a fansite for!

    What is a premium fansite domain you ask? We consider exact match .com/.net/.org domains with or without a hyphen (-) separating the first/last name of the celebrity a "Premium Domain". Generally these domains are only available for "up and coming" celebrities as they are generally sold by the time they reach stardom. So if you see an "up and comer" and think we should grab a domain for them before all the squatters do then add them to this list!

    We do sometimes negotiate fair prices with the domain squatters so we can sometimes acquire an exact match domain even if one isn't currently available!

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    I'd love to see a domain for Melissa Benoist or Chris Wood from the Supergirl cast!