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Some free Wordpress + Coppermine themes!

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  • Some free Wordpress + Coppermine themes!

    I've been building my first fansite in the last couple of days... which is how I came across some free WP+CP themes for fansites. I really had to do some digging, so I thought I'd share the links with you.

    (I hope it's okay that I publish them here, but they are all available on Sellfy or DeviantArt - nothing fishy!)

    The first one is a CP/WP combination which I chose for my own site... so it's the only one I can vouch for. It's by MonicaNDesign, super easy to edit and everything works very smoothly. Maybe it's a little too simple for some of you, but a fancy header might change that:

    WP/CP bundle by Cherry Wine:

    WP theme by Neon Candy Designs:

    CP theme by BrielleFantasy:

    WP theme by WAR417:

    Sorry if I chose the wrong category to post this... but "Exclusive Themes" seemed like the wrong one because the themes are available for everyone, no matter what host you use.

    Anyway, I hope this small list is helpful for some of you!
    ~ Gaspard Ulliel Daily ~

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    I am sure this thread will be useful to a lot of people. Thank you.


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      I went ahead and made this a "sticky" thread since I agree with Chocolate.
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        I wanted to use "WP theme by Neon Candy Designs" but the title for a post seem to overlap, dunno if anyone knows how to fix this!?


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            Originally posted by young capricxrn View Post
            I downloaded this one and the side bar doesn't show up after installing it.


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                Originally posted by young capricxrn View Post
                Hey i tried to install this theme, but is says i dont have css