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  • Hey, guys!

    I have been registered in this forum for a while, but now that I've finally opened my first fansite I thought it's time to introduce myself. My name is Sabrina (I often go by Bree online) and I'm completely new in the fansite world... even though the plan to make a fansite isn't new at all for me. It just always seemed like a hopeless idea because the fansite hosts I came across were either impossible to reach or their lists of requirements made sure you didn't even think about applying as somebody who doesn't know anything about coding, FTP, and all that jazz.

    So thanks a lot to FFH for making it possible to create a fansite even if you don't know nothing and thanks to the community here! Some of the tutorials and replies in this forum really helped a lot, thank you.
    ~ Gaspard Ulliel Daily ~

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    Welcome to FFH


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      Welcome to the forums!!!!!


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        Welcome =]


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          Hi Sabrina, Welcome


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            Welcome to the forums and welcome to the fansites' world and I agrre when you start from nothing it's hard to find a hoster because a lot of them ask for people who know how to workd with wordpress,coppermine, ftp, php files etc, luckly for everyone free fansite hosting it's different and give a chance to everyone