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    This is not so much a tutorial as it is a list of programs and extensions that have really made running a fansite easier for me. All programs listed work for PC and are free unless marked with a *. Some might work on a Mac but maybe someone with a Mac can reply with their own list

    Photo downloading. Because saving hundreds of photos from a forum one by one sucks:
    - Down Them All (Firefox Extension)
    - Bulk Image Downloader*

    Photo sorting. Now that you have hundreds of photos, how do you sort out the duplicates?:
    - Visipics (it doesn't always catch all the duplicates but it's much easier than trying to do it without a program)

    Screencapping. Gotta get those movie/TV projects up too.
    I screencap by hand as I watch the movie/show but I know KMP has a way to auto-cap. Not sure about MPC.
    - KMPlayer (you have to do some tweaking of the preferences to be able to screencap DVDs but it's one of the best players out there (older versions don't have the ads))
    - Media Player Classic (better on my laptop because it's not as resource greedy as KMP)

    Photo editing. Resizing, enhancing, making/adding tags:
    - Photoshop CS5*
    - Faststone Image Resizer (seriously couldn't live without this. Batch rename, resize, watermark add, edit, etc.)

    Video Conversion. For making your video files more web friendly:
    - iWisoft (easy to use, fairly quick conversion process, and you can do some light editing and add your own watermark to files.)

    Uploading. Getting the files onto the server:
    - CoreFTP (I use it because it's simple, not resource heavy, and no ads. But there are a ton of different FTP programs out there).

    My name is Lisa and I make too many fansites.

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    i have windows and i'm using

    free video to jpg converter / vlcplayer / kmplayer for my screencaptures
    irfanview to resize pictures under 1 MB (with the RIOT plugin)
    xnview i use it sometimes to remove exif data
    visipics for the duplicate pictures
    internet download manager to download videos from all websites .
    filezilla for the ftp

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      For Firefox; Imagehost Grabber is good.


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        Autoscreencapping Guide I wrote for VLC Media Player (may be a little out of date due to newer version) <-- If someone wants to copy the guide to our forums and update it be my guest!

        Also for copying galleries I used HTTrack, it is complicated to setup but it can copy an entire gallery without problems! I'm sure it would work for forums too.


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          I actually use Fraps to capture. It's pretty convenient because it manually captures throughout the video and afterwards, you just pick and choose what to keep. Kudos to those who do it by hand.


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            I use:
            KMPlayer to screencap in .BMP which is the fastest.
            Bulk Image Converter to convert the .BMP to .JPG. It takes 10-20 seconds to covert! I have found, converting to PNG can freeze the program.
            File Renamer to rename a lot of files at once. The interface is so easy to understand and isn't cluttered.


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              .png is not a good format for screencaps. .png usually is a much larger file size then jpg so it is only useful on super HQ images and themes. For fastest loading gallery photos with best quality jpg is usually the best to stick with.


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                ICE 1.4.4 A Panoramic 'stictching' software which is great for scanning large documents (I don't recommend updating to the newer versions)


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                  I don't think I could live without Faststone Image Resizer it saves so much time.


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                    I'm obsessed with FileMinimizer to reduce the size of photos (not dimensions but actually size of the photos) because FSO had a strict policy about no photos over 1MB. To change sixes on multiple pics i use batch edit on Photoscape. And I use Ifanview to renumber things. All are free.