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How to Update Coppermine Gallery

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  • How to Update Coppermine Gallery

    This is a very easy guide/process (usually).

    To update Coppermine Photo Gallery you must first download the newest version from their website:
    • <== Look for the huge green download button, click it and wait, the download will start automatically. Don't accidentally click a "download advertisement".
    • After the download is complete, unzip the files on your computer
    • Using FTP, upload the new Coppermine files over your old gallery files. This can also be done with cpanel file manager but it is not recommended.
    • After uploading is complete run the file update.php located in the directory your gallery is uploaded to. You will need to login to do this.

    DO NOT worry, it is impossible to permanently break your gallery by doing this. The only way to permanently delete your gallery is to delete the "albums" folder or the database associated with the gallery.

    If you have problems contact us and we will help!

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    Thank you for this guide. Really helped me! Thanks for all your hard work you do for all us hostees!