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How to scan documents bigger than your scanner (Stitching) [ICE 1.4.4]

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  • How to scan documents bigger than your scanner (Stitching) [ICE 1.4.4]

    This is the easiest method to scanning large documents like magazines (OK) and Newspapers as theyre usually larger that the scanner

    TIP! When scanning newspapers (and possibly magazines) put black card at the back
    You will need:
    Your scanner and scanning software
    ICE 1.4.4 Download from Tools (and install)
    Note: When opening ICE you will be notified that a new version is available, Don't update as it causes problems when stitching
    Step 1.
    Scan your images ensuring that the is plenty of overlapping on every image

    Ensure that every section is scanned and that there is enough of the image overlapping

    Step 2.
    Open ICE
    Click 'File', 'New Panorama' and select all of your scans and click OK

    Step 3.
    You should have your stitched image. You may need to crop the image

    Move the image quality to highest for best picture
    Click 'Export to disk...' and save and your done!

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    Double Spread

    Large Single Mags

    As long as you ensure you leave enough overlapping part of the image and scan everything you can do anything. Calendars, Posters, Product packaging...


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      Wow thank you for this! This will be a good programme for me to use
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        I really like you example photos ; )