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McAfee JSE Coin Miner Virus Warning

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  • McAfee JSE Coin Miner Virus Warning

    Some website users may be receiving warnings from McAfee about JSECoin. Please no not worry about this message.

    It is not a virus and Norton is wrong to classify it as such. Honestly their software is horrible.

    We mine JSEcoins as a way to supplement the falling ad revenues to support our FREE Hosting Services.

    You can find out info on JSECoin at

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    Here is a thread on the JSEcoin forum - Norton is obviously not the only one warning. still, there shouldn't be any real danger to the visitors.

    But even if you tell your hostees and they are calmed down -

    the visitors get the warnings, too, and they will think, they are dangerous and they won't come back.
    Shouldn't there be an option for your hostees for a free hosting with just classical ads like google or backlinks instead?


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      The problem is conventional ads are not paying the bills anymore, especially with ad blockers in effect. Once we start blocking all visitors with ad-blockers we might see ad revenue improve as they are forced to disable it to visit the website.

      I am thinking about offering a "partial sponsorship" where a site would have to pay $.50/mo in order for the mining to be removed. But then it's basically ad-supported paid hosting and would no longer be qualified as free hosting.

      I'm open to other options if they bring in $$ to pay the bills, at our current rate we aren't earning enough ad revenue to pay for new hardware or new domains. So in order to grow we need to improve revenue.

      Now considering that JSE coin is NOT a virus, these "so called virus protection" companies are really just forcing JSECoin to PAY THEM MONEY to be whitelisted. It is a racket and how adblock & virus companies make most of their money!

      The truth is "free virus protection" from McAfee, KasperSpy or ANY of the software companies will do NOTHING to protect you from a good hacker or a "zero day exploit". All they do is slow your computer down and show "warnings" which are nothing to be concerned about. Your best option to avoid getting a virus is to avoid websites that do illegal things and "porn websites" as they are where your computer will get hacked.


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        BTW I've been virus free for 15+ years and never once had "security software".


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          I'm using MacOS, I also never had any of it - a virus or a software against virus.

          Of course bills have to be paid. I really like the backlinks option. Smaller sites probably don't get any.

          But: JSE = more panic = less visitors = less revenue again, also for the other ad types. So it does help nothing at the end if there's just half the people visiting the sites. At finally hostees go away and that's the opposite of growth. We can't put up ad size banners in the sidebar telling the visitors "don't worry about the 15 seconds banner at the bottom, it's just mining coins and doesn't mean any harm!"
          And isn't the revenue right now hypothetical anyway, cause you can't get cash for your JSEcoins?

          Honestly: if I would have to have these on my site, and it would mean less visitors, I would probably leave.


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            That is a choice for admins. But my only other option is "more ads" and I personally think I will lose more admins (my customers) with intrusive ads (like Flaunts) then the mining/security warnings will result in.

            I am taking a risk on JSE Coin not being worth anything ever, but if it is like ANY of the other crypto-currencies it WILL be worth something at some point, and since FFH started mining JSE Coin in the FIRST WEEK that they started JSE Coin we have gotten a lot of coins for being an "early adopter".

            I am SO EXCITED about the prospect of a revenue replacement for ads that I will HAPPILY lose customers that fail to understand the importance of a digital currency for websites/content providers as the current ad revenue system doesn't work for anyone except Google/Facebook as they have a monopoly on the entire market.

            You see to me its more a "small guy" vs "the man" or "David vs Goliath" if your religious. I will not let a security company force me to stop mining coins which are doing nothing other then using CPU. It's doing the exact same thing any "online game" would do, in fact JSE Coin mining uses less CPU then most videos on websites. The reason Virus companies are punishing JSE Coin is because there are "Monero Miners" out there causing issues. It has nothing to do with JSE Coin but because of "big companies" lumping all "mining" as "dangerous" they are being punished for no reason.

            It's a matter of me standing up against the big companies. I will NOT allow McAfee to tell me what my business can or cannot do or any other virus company.

            I would like to make it clear that everyone has the option to pay for hosting and have 0 ads and 0 mining.


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              BTW JSECoin plans to implement "Opt-in" mining in the near future which "might" make all the virus warnings go away. JSE Coin has already had some virus companies remove their warnings and I believe all will with time.

              All FFH sites have been mining since last August/September, so obviously it causes no real concern for end users as they haven't even noticed or complained about it until "McAfee" classified it as a warning.


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                Also more ads will effect 100% of end users, the McAfee warnings are only effecting a very small portion of those end users. It is just a warning and it doesn't block the website, it just notifies the user that it blocked JSE Coin mining, it's basically acting like an "Ad Blocker" at that point. I don't think admins will actually lose end users over the "warning".


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                  For those that need an alternative to JSE Coin Mining, here is the current solution. Replace your current 1 ad with (2) ads with (1) at the top of the page that can be seen without scrolling. You will also need to install "block ad blocker" with the code below. This must be put into the footer of your wordpress & coppermine theme.

                  <script src=""></script>

                  Block Ad Blocker Code inside this text file:
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                    thanks been having this issue for awhile now when I get on both my pages only does it here and there but pops up saying virus then closes the page were I have to go back into it again then works fine but will do what you say so it will stop.