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  • SSL Expiration Warning Emails

    Lots of people have been receiving emails related to their SSL certificate expiring. This email is nothing to get worried about and can safely be ignored.

    Basically the email means SSL (https) will stop working on "specfiic subdomains" like and

    This DOES NOT mean your main website will stop working.

    This change is happening due to us changing SSL providers. If your website's https version does in fact stop working then please contact us and we will assist with fixing any possible issues.

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    After I got those mails additional 20? times they now expired 2 days ago and I get warnings when logging into cPanel that the site is not safe. I cannot update the ssl certificates, when I add autofill, it always adds the old expiration dates so that it is expired again. Could you have a look at it, or, better, give a short how-to-do for us so that we can update them ourselves the next time?


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      If accounts receive emails on a daily basis then they need to delete their current certificate and the Auto-SSL will issue a new one within 24 hours. This is a common occurrence for sites that have been transferred between servers.