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WARNING - FFH Terms of Service currently being strictly enforced!

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  • WARNING - FFH Terms of Service currently being strictly enforced!


    We have started to strictly enforce our policy of required updates, any site that goes for 3 months w/o updates will be put up for adoption without warning. We would prefer monthly updates as outlined in our terms of service. THIS ONLY APPLIES IF WE OWN THE DOMAIN.

    We were forced to put these options in place in order to keep our free services open. Sites without consistent updates get de-ranked in search engines and do not get enough visitors to cover hosting costs let alone domain costs. Ad revenue used to be good enough on the busy sites to cover the loser sites but this is dramatically falling so we can't cover as many "losing" sites as we used to.

    I apologize this policy is effecting many busy fansite owners but we really have no choice other then completely ending our "free" services. Hopefully we find better advertisers at some point in order to take our services back to the days when we had extra ad revenue to gamble on sites that would most likely never break even. But until then we must "tighten the belt" through these hard times.

    If you would like to purchase the domain for the fansite you run please contact us to see what we would be willing to sell the domain for. Some domains will be extremely cheap to purchase while others will be expensive if it is a TLD and you adopted the site. If you started the site with the free domain program (AKA you didn't "adopt" the site) then the maximum we would ask is the cost we paid since registration.