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Testing New Advertisers - If you have issues with new ads please let us know.

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  • Testing New Advertisers - If you have issues with new ads please let us know.

    We are in the process of testing new advertising networks. During this process we may run into some "bad" advertisers. If your site gets popups, viruses, etc from the new ads then please let us know.

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    First advertiser sucked so we are trying Amazon now.

    The good news is the ads are mobile friendly.

    If the ads don't display correctly on your site then please let us know.


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      I think, these amazon ads look really good!
      At the end it is much more related to the site itself than all the other ads.

      BUT: I was just on the Daisy Ridley site to check and there was Last Jedi Blu Ray advertised which I clicked on as I don't have the DVD yet.
      But it leads me to

      I'd never buy anything at which I can get at .de
      and I shop a LOT at, nearly everything, means around 1000$ every year.

      Especially not DVDs because of the Region Code.
      United Kindom People will also never use US amazon.

      Means: you should do it more regional.

      If possible.

      People will still have it in their cookies even if they buy something at amazon at a later point.

      Unfortunately it is not a solution for all the 1000$ I buy the year, because at one point amazon will say "they are family members" if I save your amazon affiliate link as a bookmark and use it more often.

      Is worth to be tested? (please use referral code so I get 35% the first year). I did have some clicks when I still had the forums, cause they are local.
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        Amazon does have a "one link" program that will correct that issue (sending you to the correct regional amazon site). I haven't setup that functionality yet but will if we decide to keep Amazon ads. Sadly they only earn from actual sale commissions and we've only had 1 sale in 3 days. But many sites don't have the new adcode yet so hard to compare against other advertisers.


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          I hope these ads work out to be good as I do think they look great, love that they are also responsive and that they are related to each fansite. Fingers crossed!
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