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  • Hacker Alert

    There is a hacker going around getting into a lot of fansites. Out of the fansites hacked these are the plugins they had uploaded (may or may not have been activated):
    • Akismet 13/13
    • Background Image Cropper (this is the hackers upload) 11/13
    • Exec-PHP 8/13

    I was unable to find anything else "similar" between all 13 accounts that have been hacked.

    It is VERY important to delete plugins not in use, just because you don't use (not activated) them doesn't mean hackers can't take advantage of old plugins not updated!

    I am not sure if these people have outdated plugins or if possible Akismet or Exec-PHP is hackable, but to be on the safe side I recommend anyone avoid from using them.

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    This hacker is relentless. Due to the number of hacks we will no longer offer free cleanings. If you would like your site cleaned we are charging $5/site.

    As long as the hacker isn't sending mass emails we won't suspend hacked accounts, but once they start sending emails we will suspend the account.


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      Here is a guide to clean hacked accounts: