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    Just wanted to let everyone know that using "Last Viewed Images" on coppermine gallery albums list causes a lot of extra stress on the database server. We highly recommend you do not use this setting as it will make your gallery load slower when your site is busy. The busier your gallery the more important this is.

    In fact if your gallery is ever loading slowly we recommend you turn off all "last viewed, last added, etc" to make your gallery load quicker.

    The reason turning off those settings makes your site load faster is because the SQL server won't have to perform near as many queries in order to display the gallery album page. SQL servers cache popular queries but it is impossible for it to cache "Last viewed images" due to how often it changes (literally every time someone views an image). Queries that don't change often such as "Last Updated Albums" are easily cached compared to "Last viewed images".

    Like I said before the larger/busier your site is the more this becomes an issue as your site will hit Cloud Linux limits which causes visitors to your site to receive responses slower. Coppermine gallery doesn't have any cache ability which is why most hosts have issues with fansites when they get busy.