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    Our servers all now have JetBackup performing our backups instead of the default cpanel system. '

    Sites are more then welcome to download full backups of their accounts if they are under 10 GB. Accounts larger then 10 GB MUST be done between the hours of 1 AM CST to 6 AM CST.

    If your site is over 50 GB please do NOT use the backup tool to download a full backup as this will take hours to complete and WILL NEGATIVELY EFFECT ALL SITES ON YOUR SERVER!

    Our backups are meant for disaster recovery, they are NOT here for you to download a full backup of your site every month. You should be doing incremental backups of your sites and keeping your own "offline" backups before you even upload your content. The only "regular" backups you need to do using our server are backups of your databases, it's 1000% more effective to download a couple databases then to download a backup of your entire gallery every month. Our servers are designed to serve your visitors, they are NOT designed for 10+ GB of data to be zipped/downloaded.

    If anyone has questions please let us know. If you have a very large site and need to download a full backup so you can transfer to another host then please contact us as there are other methods for downloading your site backup that won't effect server performance as much.