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Start implementing free ssl certificates *Let's Encrypt*

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  • Start implementing free ssl certificates *Let's Encrypt*


    Just my 2 cents, why not offer free ssl for your hosted websites? Hey, Let's Encrypt is free. Plus, you've been using Cpanel, which should be SNI-enabled. Not only does it look cool with that green https, but, it does rank the fansites higher.

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    SSL is not for ecommerce websites anymore. And Let's Encrypt is free. Why is this feature still not implemented? A boost in SEO = more visitors = more money for freefansitehosting, in ads revenue

    The question “Why should I care about HTTPS?” is an easy one to answer: Because Google says so. According to Google HTTPS is now a ranking signal — among some 200 other factors.

    Google’s move to incentivize HTTPS adoption is a reaction to the documents leaked by Edward Snowden describing large scale government surveillance. They put their weight in to make sure your data does not get shared with anyone — but them…