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How can we get forum more active? Any ideas?

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  • How can we get forum more active? Any ideas?

    Basically just what the title says, how can this forum become more active? What would get FFH hostees visiting and posting more frequently, what do you want to see here? Please feel free to let us know below.
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    Maybe advertise on twitter more?


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      Hm. I think, you cannot and should not plan activity. I think, it is lost time.
      There's Fancrave which worked well, somehow. We had the same over at, but the admins opened Fancrave without saying a word, advertised it there just a few times and it worked well. Even if non FFH hostees are welcome to join, too, it will never be as independent as Fancrave is. It has to be the right people, which are well known across the fansite world.
      I had the same in the Johnny Depp forums world. My German forum was there the right time (2003) to grow and become the biggest available, and all those that tried it never got that successful, while the English one never could beat the other English ones out there. Either it works or it doesn't.