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    I am thinking of adapting to be our "international fansite host". If I decide to do this I will be looking for translators that can assist with translating the website into the language they know. I will be starting with Spanish & Russian for sure, but I believe a few other popular ones could also be useful like German and whatever language Brazilians speak, or is that just Spanish too? If interested let us know and we will contact you when we get around to actually doing it ; )

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    I think it's a great idea. Unluckly I can't help with Spanish, German and Russian, I speak Italian, English and a little bit of French


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      It's a good idea. Hahaha Brazilians speak portuguese!


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        I can help you with spanish if you want


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          That sounds like a really good idea! I can help with portuguese (in Brazil people speak portuguese).


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            LOL, sorry for my stupidity of languages of the world ; ) Of course French and Italian and any others will work. I need to first finish re-wording in English then I will contact those that have volunteered to help translate it. Basically currently most foreign fansite admins (that don't understand English) have a hard time understanding exactly how our system works in terms of creating a subdomain and earning a free domain. Which currently almost any English fansite qualifies for once built, most foreign language sites will need to earn a minimum amount of unique hits on a subdomain daily before they would earn a free domain. This will be easier for some languages such as Spanish which has a much larger audience then compared to say German or Italian. Currently we require between 50-200 unique hits daily depending on the language.