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  • Adoption/Application Board

    A board which we can apply for adoption or has already build their site thru subdomain and wants to apply for a domain
    I saw this on a forum before and its kinda effective.. And maybe it will also be effective here since the admin/owner of this host is really active in the forum.

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    Currently it's easiest for us to do those 2 activities using email as we can easily mark them for "followup" etc. where as a forum it's harder to keep track of what has been done or needs to be done. All domain requests are usually answered within 24 hours. We also are getting adoptions up to date with the help of Holly.


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      All adoption emails have been answered minus two I just got today.

      Perhaps a board for people to give sites up might be good? I could help monitor that and make sure things get added to the list, but people couldn't adopt through the board, they'd have to submit a application?


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        I'd prefer not to have a board for giving up sites as I like to monitor the turnover. Basically if an admin wants to give a site up they should notify us and we will find a new admin. Unless you already have a co-admin to "hand-off" to, even then you should let us know so we can ensure the account has the correct admin email associated with it.

        We could have a board that we post to to notify everyone of new domains available for adoption, but we already have a list at (will be updated better). If anything I'd rather have a board section just to notify everyone of recently available sites up for adoption that we post to, not admins looking to "give up" a site.

        Of course this really only matters to us for domains that we own, if people are trying to give away fansites they own then we could find a place for those activities..