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  • Gallery Problems

    Just over a week ago I was on my FTP uploading to my Jenna Dewan-Tatum gallery. About 3/4 way through I got a popup box like it does when it asks yo to log in & instead of my username there was a whole heap of Chinese characters & when I tried to cancel out of it I was told my login was incorrect & my FTP stopped uploading. I closed out of my FTP & re-opened it & then I logged back on everything was fine again.

    Does this mean I was being hacked or someone was trying to hack me? Because soon after this happened I started having problems with my gallery & when I tried to fix it I ended up accidentally deleting my gallery with 80,000+ pictures. At first I thought the server might be having problems with the number of images & size of my gallery but my Teresa Palmer gallery has just over 86,000 pictures & I have had no problem with it.

    Problems are just coming up with my Jenna Dewan-Tatum site & it has only been since I started having trouble with another Jenna Dewan site stealing my content & updates. I emailed them to ask them to stop it but instead of stopping I am having problems with my site, as I said it looks like I was being hacked by someone. The site is hosted on Flaunt - will it help to email the network Admins & reporting them?