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  • Question about Domain.

    Hello everyone! I just signed up here today and i'm still trying to figure out how FFH works and i'm enjoying it so far. A Friend of mine told me about this free fan site hosting site and told me it was so worthy and very useful so i'm here.

    Anyway, i have a fan site about Emma Watson in Portugal and for like 2 years, i had a domain and suddenly the other fan site hosting site transfered all the data to a subdomain. So i was wondering if i get any chance by getting a free domian for my fan site here. Also i'd like to apply for another fan site here too.

    If anyone could help me out to figure out this whole thing, i'd appreciate it.


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    Sites focusing on a specific country or language (other then English) must have a large amount of traffic before we would consider purchasing a domain for it. You would likely need to purchase your own domain which we sell for $12/year.