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    I read the notice yesterday about free sites getting deleted so I was busy yesterday & today getting ready to update it. I was in the middle of updating it when all of a sudden it went down & has never come back up so I am guessing it was deleted. My site is a multiple celebrity site which also served as a collective for my paid sites. All the ad codes & credit links were in place & I am sure I read when signing up it was okay to have a subdomain as a collective so what gives?

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    Sadly due to cpanels sudden changes in pricing we had to act in order to save the free hosting we do offer. Accounts are inspected and if we don't see recent updates we remove the account. If you had many different things on the same subdomain we may have only checked the "main subdomain".

    We will be updating our website within the month to show our new operating model, sites like yours that generally don't generate any ad revenue will now cost money. We will only be offering 100% free hosting to sites that generate ad revenue. So we will be a "premium free fansite hosting" service.


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      That's OK. I have registered a new domain for it & sent a ticket to add it to my paid site empire & just waiting for that to go through


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        How can I remove this? It shows that I live with BassTrackerBoats together at: 132 Boll Green Dr, Interlachen, FL 32148 but my address is different.