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Why should you choose FFH?!

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  • Why should you choose FFH?!

    I have had fansites for a long time now and I have to say that FreeFansiteHosting has to be the best! (I'm not just saying it!). When I first started fansites I was with a well known host for about 3 years until they had deleted my sites domain without letting me know first, I then went to another host after that but then left not long after as they were so rude when I had a problem with placing the ad code. Why should I be with a host who didn't want to help me? After using that host I then went on to another one how at first was good but after being with them for awhile they went downhill and you wouldn't get a reply for months! After searching for free fansite hosting sites and come across this little gem! I am pleased to say that I have been with FFH for over a year and if I'm being completely honest I have never EVER had a problem with them! If I haven't had my adcode up they would email me advising me to put it up unlike my other hosts who have suspended the site. Whenever I've needed help they've always been more than happy to help me. Not only are they a fantastic host but the members are also very helpful! I've never known anything like it! Don't believe me? Try out for yourself, you'll be amazed!

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    I agree
    I'm very glad that FFH exists! Very convenient and easy to manage websites and stuff are very polite with you.


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      Just joined the Fan Sites Hosting network today and so far I am very impressed with it! Got my site up and running really fast.