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    Where do I start?
    Well, I think FFH is the best hosting site out there; and I can say that because I have experience with others.
    When I started my first fansite back in 2011, it was hosted by a host that has now gone downhill. After about year online, I would be emailing them (since I was new to the whole fansite, HTML and CSS process) and not hearing from them for days. The only good thing out of that is, I can now sit for hours working on the same thing until I get it right.

    A year later (2013) I wanted to start a fansite for R5 and went with that host again since I didn't need much assistance anymore, just a spot on the web. After just a couple of months online, my website started having connection and access problems. The host would blame it on me and my connect; which was fine.
    Before leaving the host, I ventured out for another host and stumbled across FFH. The first thing I did was contact them asking about transferring a whole/existing site and they were more than happy to help.
    Unfortunately, right before moving, I had lost all access to my fansite and lost 90% of the content that was on it. So I had to start from scratch, but that was ok by FFH.
    My Sabrina Carpenter fansite went through a similar situation.

    Wanting to be a #1 source for the celebrity, I was always thinking of things I could add to the fansite, which lead me to having so many questions for FFH, but they were always there. I loved getting quick responses. And by quick I mean in a couple of minutes to a couple of hours. The longest I have ever waited for a response is a day. Even if I had the most simplest or stupidest questions, FFH never ignored me and always replied. I like how they accept anyone who wants to run a fansite and you don't need experience with HTML/CSS becuase they will hold your hand. I know how there are hosts that require you have experience and not everyone does; you have to start somewhere, right? I seriously love FFH and would recommend them to anyone who wants to start a fansite. You get a since of community when you are apart of FFH. I have genuinely enjoyed my time being hosted by FFH, and look forward to much more time on the server.

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    Thank you for such a great testimonial! We try to be here for all new admins because we remember how difficult it is when first getting started, especially if you have no background in computers or websites.