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  • Why you should choose FFH???

    Why you should choose FFH??? Well first of all because it's amazing. I'm not one of those people who can say I've tried 100 site hosters and FFH was the best because I've started from here! I've tried to get hosted from other hoster but they were all too busy to answer all my questions, reply to my application and some others didn't have a great reputation then I've luckily found out about Free Fansite Hosting and I was so happy about it. I started my site from nowhere basically, I didn't know a lot of stuff and I had so many questions (I still have a lot of them sometimes and most of the time they are really dumb questions) and I never had to wait for more than 15 hours for a reply. After more than a year here I can tell you that I'm really happy to be hosted by FFH, you need help? You will always find it here. FFH is professional and I think that it was proved by the short time that it took to transfer all those site in the past few weeks. I choose FFH and I'm really happy with my choice.

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    Thanks for the great review Stefy!